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Welcome to Fishbusterz, the largest wholesale fishery and seafood market in Florida, specializing in Florida Spiny Lobster, Pink Shrimp, Stone Crab, Red and Black Grouper, Hog Fish, Yellowtail, Mutton & Mangrove Snapper, Swordfish, Mahi Mahi (Dolphin), Wahoo, Cobia and more.

Florida Spiny LobsterFlorida spiny lobster

Sold by the pound, the Florida Spiny Lobster is a favorite. Spiny Lobster is a general name given to about four dozen species of clawless lobster found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide, and in cold waters of the Southern Hemisphere. Spiny lobsters are beautifully marked...READ MORE

Key West Pink Shrimp
key west shrimp

Years ago, thousands of shrimp boats filled our harbor and harvested millions of pounds of Key West pink shrimp. World renowned for their pink color and sweet taste, this wild caught shrimp is truly a delicacy for the seafood connoisseur...READ MORE

Florida Stonecrab
Florida stonecrab

The beauty of this prized shellfish with its sweet buttery taste is that all you have to do is bring it home, crack the shell and serve with melted butter...READ MORE

Buy Fresh Snapperbuy key west snapper

Yellowtail, Mutton, or Mangrove Sanpper. You choose! From the waters of the Florida Keys right to your table, buy fresh snapper. BUY NOW

Florida Keys Grouperflorida grouper

Groupers are members of the sea bass family. The extra lean white meat is firm and moist with large flake and a sweet, mild flavor. BUY NOW

Florida Keys Seafoodyellow tail snapper

The Florida Keys has amazing fresh fish. Now the big problem, to choose. Direct from the Keys, overnight to your door, ready for you to prepare...READ MORE

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